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       CYBERNOVA INFOTECH was founded to provide resources and continuity in high level autonomous business developed in previous decades in IT technological innovation by a team of bold Intellectual professionals.

       We are a boutique information security company with very exclusive skill set in information security professional services, solution deployment and training. Our dedicated team of information security evaluates the health of your IT infrastructure and help you remediating the areas which can be exploited to take away your most important data.

       Our passion about learning advance information security technique’s and our commitment to blends our skills & experience with leading security solution providers have lead us to focus on this area to serve the market better.

  • We are a one-stop-shop with comprehensive and integrated Information Security resources

    Who we are

  • We help you to secure your IT enviornment

    What we do

  • We help you to find shortcoming in your IT enviornment


  • Expert,Customized approch towards securing your IT enviornment



Our Valued Clients

  • Seroo Edible Oil

  • Sindhudurg Bank

  • RSBL Bank

  • GUCB Bank

  • DNDCC Bank

  • Paper Mug Lab


  • Phoenix Mecano

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